We are located in the Cool Pines of Northern Arizona.    I have been involved in purebred dogs since 1975 and believe that all dogs are important part of the family.  I am a member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, Old English Sheepdog Club of America and the Berger Picard club.   I am also involved as a life member of the Flagstaff Kennel Club.  Dogs are my life as a dog groomer for over 40 years and and AKC conformation Judge since 1997.   I would love to talk to you about our breeds.  Please feel to call anytime   Denise Dean    928-635-2931   Parks AZ  dean7044@gmail.com 


Bernese Mountain Dogs

 We got our first BMD in 1978 and feel they are one of the best family dogs.  We were lucky enough to breed and own the number one male in the country in 1988-89 and he won the National Speciality in 1988, all owner breeder handled.  We have produced over 100 Champions. Please feel free to call me for more info on the breed, including information on their longevity, temperament and any other breed info.  All required health testing done.  We feel the health and temperament are the top priority.    If you look at the photo's in the slide show you will notice that each dog has a Bernergard Number, all their health information is available at that website.   


Berger Picard

 We have become involved with a new breed. the Berger Picard is a rare french herding breed.  They are brand new to AKC but a very old breed , that has been very valued by the farmers in northern France.  We are doing all the health testing on our dogs and are very happy to have very healthy dogs.


Old English Sheepdogs

SORRY TO SAY NO LONGER BREEDING THE OLD ENGLISH..   They are very different from most dogs and would give their life for you. OES are very sweet to their family and one of the best watch dogs I know of.  They have enough sense to know if someone is a friend or foe.  We keep them clipped (when not in the show ring) so they are very easy to care for and do not shed. Either way (clipped or in a full coat) they make wonderful and very smart companions, training is a must for these dogs.  They are very healthy dogs with good longevity.  All of our breeding stock has over 10 generation with hips and health testing.  

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