Old English Sheepdogs- NO LONGER breeding this breed Thanks for the interest

 They are very different from most dogs and would give their life for you. OES are very sweet to their family and one of the best watch dogs I know of.  They have enough sense to know if someone is a friend or foe.  We keep them clipped (when not in the show ring) so they are very easy to care for and do not shed. Either way (clipped or in a full coat) they make wonderful and very smart companions, training is a must for these dogs.  They are very healthy dogs with good longevity.  All of our breeding stock has over 10 generation with hips and health 

Our Old English Sheepdogs

Ch. Shaggybark's DeerPark Albert E


Albert is our main stud dog and a wonderful friend to Chris. 

DeerPark Absolutely Bewitching (Agnus)


A great producer and grandmother to most of our girls.

DeerPark Rocky Racoon


My 10 year old that keeps the house under control in true sheepdog fashion.   She is Ony's mom.

Deerpark Spot On (Ony)


My 4 year old and  really beautiful girl. 

DeerPark Strait on Until Morning (Maggie)


Maggie with her newest litter.  She lives with Albert and Chris.