Below are some of my dogs, we are active in the Bernergard.  Click here to go to their site and then submit the dogs number for all health and pedigree information.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Am Can Champion DeerPark Heartlight

Sparky was top male in the US in 1987-1988 and won the National Specialty  in Vermont. He is my main foundation and all my dogs are related to him.  

Bernergard #1214

Ch. Maharaja DeerPark's K-2

K-2 has been a wonderful stud dog and turned 10 last June and is still going strong.  He is sired by the great Trotter and has passed on his wonder head and movement to his kids.

Bernergarde #  50602 

Ch. Deerpark Isle of Skye

Skye is still going strong a 12 years old  and has produced some wonderful offspring.

Bernergarde #  49447 

Ch. Wagenblast DeerPark Khloe

Klhloe is one of the best we have had. Special thanks  to Angela Wagenblest for breeding this beautiful girl.  Many great wins in the Show ring and her son Travis is now siring some great pups in England. 

Bernergarde #  83011 

Ch. DeerPark Dorsey

Dorsey is a wonderful dog with a fabulous front. He is passing it along with his great personality to his kids.

Bernergarde #  86054 

Ch. DeerPark Angus

Angus is Skye's father and added size and bone to my lines.  His daughters have added much to my breeding program.

Bernergarde #  25814 

Ch. DeerPark Jd's Happy Maker Bosco

Bosco is a wonderful young dog with a great temperament and his Dad K-2 beautiful expression. A great asset to the breeding program.

Bernergarde #   120140 

Ch. DeerPark Puddintain

Puddin was one of are all time favorites.  She is the mom of Dorsey and daughter of Angus. A great Big sound girl. She won her Veteran class at the national. 

Bernergarde #  47543 

DeerPark Winchester Liberty

One of our new young boys, showing great promise,  at the National 2016.

Bernergarde #  136587 


Owner and loved by Diana Gerber.  He is one of Bens sons.

Bernergarde #  75816 

Ch. Bull Valley DeerPark Joleen

Bred by Lynn Griffen .  She was a wonderful girl that live until almost 12.   32

Bernergarde #  32187 


This is K-2 dad and one of he best producers in the breed., he live until over 11 and has sired many beautiful dogs. he was a great asset to the breed. 

Bernergarde  # 35994