Berger Picards

 The Berger Picard is a medium-sized, well-muscled dog, slightly longer than tall with a tousled yet elegant appearance.  Their ears are naturally erect, high-set. They are know for their smile.  Coat Colors fall into two colors, fawn and brindle.  They are very interesting dogs with a lively , intelligent personality. The tend to be laid back but happy for a romp or hike. They are very loyal and attached to their owners and need a lot of socialization during the first two years of life. All our breeding stock has all the health test required for this breed, and we are very lucky to have some very sound and healthy dogs.  I am very lucky to have Lisa Ethridge DVM as a partner in this new endeavor.  Feel free to call me with any questions about this unique breed. 

Our Foundation Picards

Ch. Griboulle Des Falaises D'Fort Les Bans (Brody)


Brody is an import from France and has become my heart dog.  He is a wonderful dog with great looks and personality.  We are so lucky to have him and a great asset to the breed as a stud dog.

Ch. Toucha Make It so (Luc)


Luc is a top class Therapy dog and best friend for Lisa Etheridge.  He is producing  some wonderful puppies with both his temperment and soundness

Ch. Chaos Wile E PT


Wile E has beautiful type and the brains of a great herding dog.     We are looking forward to see what he will produce.

Ch. Chaos Emiee Beignet V DeerPark


Amiee is our first Champion Picard and my best friend.  She is a daughter of Brody. She is everything that you want in the breed and now have a beautiful daughter   Ch .Addy.

Ch. Chaos Storytime's Big Red V DeerPark


Reba is a sound, darling girl.  She is also a Brody Daughter.  We are looking forward to start showing her son this fall.

Chaos Wandering Gyspy


Gyspy had a hard start on life and is a half sister of Wile E and also a Brody daughter.

She is doing wonderful now and has produced some beautiful puppies including the beautiful Piper.

The next Generation, Our first homebred Picards

Ch. DeerPark's Storytime Piper Roo


We are so proud of Piper, she is the head study I used on our home page.  She has done incredible the show ring. Special thinks to Greg and Suzie Miller for giving her a great home.   She is out of Gyspy and Luc. 

Ch.DeerPark's Bouffon Noir V Storytime


Our first hombred to finish. She is out of Amiee and Luc and is a big strong , sound, bold girl.  Thanks to the Palicastro's for giving her a great home. 

Amiee Herding Instinct test at National

Check out this great video.  One of the fun things you can do with your dog.